Most Popular Baby Names of 2016

Most Popular Baby Names of 2016

Aahan – The name means ‘Dawn’ or ‘First ray of light’ and is the perfect name for someone who will light up with your lives

Aarav – Meaning ‘peaceful’ this name has become popular as it is Akshay Kumar’s son’s name too

Aayush – The name means ‘One with long life’ and brings luck to the person named so

Abeer- Meaning ‘Smell of the rose’, the name also means strong and mighty in Hebrew

Aditya – It means ‘the Sun” which gives energy and light to everything around it

Agastya – The name means ‘One who humbles even the mountain’ and is the name of a famous sage from Hindu mythology and is one of the 7 sages.

Ahil – This name means ‘Prince’ and has become very popular as its the name of Salman Khan’s nephew

Angad – Meaning ‘of one’s own body’, this name is inspired by the son of Bali from Ramayan, who was strong and brave

Ansh – To be a ‘portion or part’ of something

Archit – It means Worshipped’ and ‘revered by all’

Arjun – Which means ‘Bright or Shining white’ is inspired by the warrior-hero in Hindu mythology from the Mahabharata

Arnav – It means ‘Ocean’ and is an extremely popular name with NRI parents

Atharv – Another name for ‘Lord Ganesha’ and ‘Name of a Ved’ it has its basis in Hindu mythology

Samar- A name that comes from both Arabic and Hindu mythology- means conversations in the night in the former and a powerful battle warrior in the latter.

Sanay- A name that means a prayer of praise for the Lords.

Shaurya- This name is often associated with bravery, heroism and valour.

Shiv- Named after Lord Shiva from the Hindu mythologyDestroyer of Evil

Shivaan-Another variant of Lord Shiva’s name.

Siddharth-The famous name of Lord Gautama Buddha, this means someone who has accomplished his goal.

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